ADX16 Sydney - Location travel information

Over 18-20 March 2016 the ADX16 Sydney dental exhibition will be held in Australia's largest city, Sydney, recognised for its showcase of Australia's natural beauty and cosmopolitan feel. See the exhibition and visit Sydney!

Sydney — Things to see and do
If you are not going to see a play at the Opera House or walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, why not visit a nature reserve to feed a kangaroo?

Sydney — Discounted airfares
Exclusive airfare options are now available for ADX16 Sydney visitors and can be viewed and booked here.

Sydney — Discounted accommodation
As a visitor to the ADX16 Sydney dental exhibition you can take advantage of the discounted accommodation packages associated with the event.

Australia's largest city and home to around five million people, Sydney is readily accessible by air from Asia, Europe and the Americas. For more information visit:  Sydney Airport Information.

For a helpful guide on getting to the venue for the ADX16 Sydney dental exhibition, download the following:

          ADX16 Sydney - Getting There [PDF]

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